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Sham Vengurlekar, MD

Dr. Vengurlekar is the founder of Premier Pain Institute.

Dr. Vengurlekar is certified in interventional pain, surgery and anesthesiology, as well as fellowship trained in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Dr. Vengurlekar is a distinguished alumnus of St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences (the India equivalent of an Ivy League university). He graduated top three of his class throughout every year, earning gold medals in each year of medical school for excelling in every subject throughout his six and one-half years of medical training.

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At the age of 23, Dr. Vengurlekar began his post-graduate residency training in surgery; and, at the age of 27, he became a board-certified general surgeon (being chief surgery resident in his final year of training and passing his postgraduate boards with honors. For a period of two years, Dr. Vengurlekar was in private practice in general and reconstructive surgery. Additionally, Dr. Vengurlekar was a member of the faculty for a teaching institution as Assistant Professor of Surgery.

Seeking additional expertise, Dr. Vengurlekar completed his cardiovascular thoracic surgery fellowship from Sinai Hospital, Detroit. He then performed surgery for trauma at Albert Einstein Medical School, New York and at Bronx Lebanon and Lincoln Hospital in New York. At this point, Dr. Vengurlekar decided to devote his practice to treating pain and suffering. So, he completed his anesthesiology and pain fellowship from the University of Illinois, and Stritch School of Medicine, in 1990.

After completing the fellowship and 12 years of training, Dr. Vengurlekar relocated to beautiful Scottsdale, AZ in 1991, and founded his practice. Focusing on interventional procedures for relieving spine and joint pain, Dr. Vengurlekar continues to practice medicine with a passion for treating the pathology of underlying pain disorders with successful interventional procedures (rather than simply masking this pathology with medications and physical therapy).

Over the last several years, Dr. Vengurlekar has successfully treated thousands of patients in relieving their painful conditions and restoring them to healthy lives free of narcotics. Dr. Vengurlekar sees and helps a variety of pain conditions, with 80% of his practice being neck pain, low back pain, joint pain and headaches. He also successfully treats sports injury pain, pain from work-related injuries, accident injuries, abdominal pain, post-surgical pain, arthritis, sciatica and other painful conditions.

Dr. Vengurlekar has been named as a Top Doc by Phoenix Magazine for numerous years, and has been cited in other publications. He is passionate about helping patients in pain and is an advocate against the large-scale and long-term use of opiates (except for cancer pain and short-term relief of acute pain conditions). Dr. Vengurlekar is accepting new patients; and, he and his staff are ready to take your call.


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Trying to get assistance for your mental health is one of the first steps to getting better. So, we at PPI try to help you achieve that goal. With therapy sessions, and group discussions, you can try the ones that you think will help you better and add various other activities depending on your progress. The staff members and the doctors assist and support you every step along the way in achieving that goal. We pride ourselves in serving our patient’s needs promptly and diligently, so healing with us would be easy and efficient. 

Mental Health

Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It is about how people feel, behave and think. It also includes how a person acts or judges a situation.

Social Anxiety

It is a fear which affects everyday life and makes interacting and day-to-day life difficult. People experiencing social anxiety are overly worried before, about, and after social events.

Stress Management

It includes a variety of techniques and psychotherapies to help manage stress, mostly chronic stress so that they can control the functioning of their daily life better and systematically.


One of the most common mental health illnesses, it negatively affects the way you act, think, and feel. A loss of interest in daily activities and a constant feeling of sadness have a negative impact on one’s life.


An effective way of talking about one’s emotional and mental problems, can be very healing. It helps to organize thoughts better by putting them into words and sharing them with someone.


Undertaking a diet or an exercise routine for the desired result is not easy. It is usually preferred to have a professional guide with health-related matters to reach the goal without any incorrect or drastic measures.

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Mental health is important at every stage of life. A healthy cognitive state of mind helps you to enjoy your daily life without any worries or negative emotions. Here, at Premier Pain Institute, we do just that! Helping people going through various mental issues with guidance and support, so that they can be a better version of themselves. We prioritize every patient who comes here seeking our assistance, helping them with therapies and sessions to heal and improve.

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